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Hook It Up!


Hey Kids, we've gotten some cool pics so far, but we need more. We suspect that some of you might be a little shy. We don't do this site to rip on people. We do this site to help each other out. This is DIY fashion sense for those of us that need a frame of referance. Get your crew together and do a "fashion show" and send us the pics. Your crew just might get their own page. Don't be shy. Click away!

Send us pics or your friends or enemies. Send us an email, and let us know what YOU think would be cool for the site. We care. We're trying to take suggestions from the guestbook, but all we get is that "Trance" guy. Send us a column, and if we like it, we'll throw it on the site. We would also REALLY like some band demos, mp3s are fine, just include a bit of info, we like to know who plays what etc. This is all in fun and it's not like we're doing this for any really reason, or that we know everything about fashion: we just got off out asses and did it, and we are going to continue getting off our asses. Love it or leave it superfashionchic is here to stay. Put out or get out Kids, don't let us down. Do it for the team!

Click here to send stuff to superfashionchic

Photo's need to be normal format's that aren't a bitch so we need to convert into some other format. Be sure to include your first name or nickname in the email, or better yet, as the title of your pic. Hot!
Send us a demo of your band, any recording you have. Be sure to include a CONTACT email, that i can post so other people who want your demo, or to book you (keep dreaming) can get in touch. Feel free to include lyrics, pictures (heh, heh, heh) or anything else i need to know.
No matter what you send, be advised that by doing so you give superfashionchic full permission to post it on our site, in any way we see fit. So don't come crying if your band sucks and we call you on it, or if your mom dresses you funny, we'll call you on that too.
Remember that this is all in good fun.

Remember to look good out there 'cause someone might be watchin'!

It sucks to feel like shit, because you LOOK like shit, now doesn't it, kids? You don't have to be a rich kid to look good, you just have to be smart about it, but don't be a fashion victim, that's almost as bad as wearing sweatpants and a belt. There is a line, drawn in the sand, and we don't want you to cross it. Send us a pic and we'll make the call. Remember that some people can pull off nearly any look, and only some looks work for some people. It's all about the attitude, so don't let us down.