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Son of the Return of the Revenge of the Fashion Reviews 666

superfashionClaude returns to actually do something on his site.  Also, to refer to himself in the third person and slather the Damn Truth on your naked hips. 

Dear sweet zombie jesus!

this damsel is WAY cooler than you

Can you say "internet digital come hither but-ya-can't-as-it's-the-internet"?  I think this is Ms. Vigilante, a superfashionchic supporter for awhile now, if it isn't then whatever.  This pic transcends cute and goes straight to hot, and i say that based more on the expression than the visible unmentionables. 
The top is adorable, frilly and the little bows make a fine contrast: BRA-VO!  Here's my only question (i totally need toomuchfashionD, here) does the frilly trim stuff make your breasts appear lumpy with thinner tops?  Like your ancient, thin, worn out Chain of Strength T?  I assume this is something you have to plan for.  Hmmm.  Break some hearts girl, you're alright.

White Belts run amuck with scene hair!

The White Belt never leaves.

Ok, mussed scene hair, button-up long sleeve shirt, jelly bracelets, white belt and black pants.  I'm getting a vision of...shellac, modest mouse, maybe deerhoof and possible this lass has a thing for adult swim.  i thouroughly expect i'm off on at least one of these, however, probably more.
The white belt has actually survived a while, which impresses me a great deal-this could be an old pic, but i'm left to assume they still sway their ways to shows in basements and dirty bars the land over.  Wow, are they becoming requisite?  Have they been all along? I doubt it, but they have become a staple of the scene, that's for damn sure.  you can't throw a mouthpiece without getting pit-drool on SOMEBODY wearing one these days.
Actually, i like the button up shirt.  I really do.  It's a mysterious thing, particularly if you're sporting some hot ink under those sleeves, which is not even to mention the adjustments possible by the number of buttons you actually use....you can even mostly remove one while LAYING DOWN! They certainly don't look so slick w/canvas patches, one inch buttons or spikes, but i'm willing to bet some spray paint experiments could have an interesting yield, particularly after some abysmal failures.  It's like the Wright brothers, only with shirts.  Fuck!

You want a piece of this!


As said 6,000 times before, we *heart* DIY tees. Miss Erin though is calling ya out for a fight. She's one tough cookie so ya better back down. Whats particularly interesting is that she has the balls to wear orange and black and it's not All Hallow's Eve. One would also notice that 'Up Yours' is closer than the rest of the wording... this could not be a coincidence. Go get her boys!

Chipmonk boy impales elGooso666!

nice tribal there

So nofashionLou and toomuchfashionD live in the same house, and they had a party.  Here we see Mr. 666 getting mauled by are friend Eric.  Though hard to see, elGooso666 is basically the master of all thrift stores, and he found this frat shirt, w/letters and ripped off sleeves.  He totally wore it to Hellfest, and nobody looked twice (what does that say about the Syracuse hardcore scene, anyone?).
In the background, we have toomuchfashionD  looking very dressed down, for once.  Our friend Eric isn't wearing a costume, and occasionally he really gets after elGooso666.  I'm just going to let well enough alone on this one...

Mereidith rocks it Euro

Meredith brings the profile

Nice profile shot here, Mere.   I'm digging the hair.  It makes me think of the Eiffel tower, not that band Vaux before they had to change their name.  The eye makeup looks a tad heavy under the corner of your smiling left eye, but now that i've mentioned it, i can let it go. 
Mere's hair makes me want to listen to From Bubblegum to Sky, i swear, in a good way though.  I don't know if this girl is still doing music, but once upon a time she really needed to.  Her sweet acoustic laments did, however, need more gagging black metal screams...

So wait, are those unisex?  This bro is gettin' tail.

Galkin has a posse

Ok, so here's Galkin.  I totally believe those are ladies "little boy" underware.  That makes them Panties-or does it?  Is this cross-dressing?  I have no idea.  I assume they are CUT for women, but they clearly have a man's fly.  Damn.  Anyway, some kittens are waaaaay into this sorta thang, and this would be a sweet way to avoid frilly pink stuff that your package won't fit in anyway.  Or is that the point.
Nonetheless, i expect Galkin is getting mad tail, as well he should.  This bro is fearless, and, with the serious exception of the color of his bro-danna, he looks aight to roll with.  in a hetero way, i imagine.

Get offa tha 'Chic moms!

OMG! MOM!?!?

Ok, so i totally lifted this pic from www.brokenbeauties.com .  They sell slings and whatnot for hipsters w/broken wings and hooves.  This site is in serious need of some younger models.  This lady totally looks like somebodys sleazy mom, that lived in an Airstream Camper waaaay longer than was called for.  This is the kind of mom chases her son/daughters band around and totally gets more action than the singer.  She is totally the Mrs. Robinson of the Long Island scene, i fucking KNOW IT!  This is the woman that got Bayside signed.  shoot on sight.
The website, though, does have decent novelty orthopedic stuff, i'll say that.

Good Hair or Big Scare?

Slick hair on the prowl: nail a cross on the door

Ok, Kids, left to right:
Sean: Bro, those aren't chops yet, nor be it beard.  Sideburns are what you grow when you get a job with a dress code and they take your balls. At least they're past your ears.  Also, keep the scarf well UNDER your jacket collar, except in the back, and in that instance it's good to put the whole collar up.   Sometimes.
Jason: i pondered over your hair for days.  Long hair= lame on guys two thirds of the time.  my own hair goes north when it gets long, and while chicks dig it, i do not.  YOU however are pulling it off, and deserve much respect.  The goofy expression says to me that you're having a good time, and that's the name of the game.
Vicki:You are what we on the superfashionTeam refer to as a goddamn FOX.  the hair, the attitude, goddamn.  You are making your crew look damn good in this pic.  Holy shit.  Do you like My Bloody Valentine?
Flo:i should probably ask toomuchfashionD, but i think the dead straight hair thing takes balls to wear that long, which is not to say it's bad.  this pic doesn't let me quite see if your mane is rocking the proper body (in the hair sense), so i'm gonna trust that based on your crew it is.  it better goddamn be, sweetie.

A darling pair warms this superfashionheart

enough crust, baby, let's do grind tonight

O man, this is too cute.  I would just like to point out, that Dropdead hoods get you way more tang than Old Navy hoods.  At least that's what the astronauts drink, i mean....
So this bro emailed me about having Econochrist in the MOC "Right Bands" list.  after a brief exchange i decided he was right and have changed it.  This compelling tale might well explain how he talked his girl into sending a pic to superfashionchic.  We need more couple picks.  We so do.
It's been a while since i've seen those glasses work quite so well on anyone, i might add.  The proportions are excellent.  Totally cute.
Dropdead!  Hot!  The day is yours.

I was saving most of these pics for the dot com version of the site, but i decided to throw them on here.  Some will land on the new site though, if not all.  When you Kids do send pics, we DO use them, more often than not.  Email us some fun photos at superfashionchic@hotmail.com NOW!