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Fashion Reviews

Here it is kids, the damn truth about what you're wearing. Go to the Hook It Up page to send us YOUR picture. We are here to help, not to rip on you (unless you're asking for it). Don't be shy.

Some Slick Kids
jesus, that's some funeral!

Ain't it grand to see some kids all slicked up and ready to cause a rawkus? This sorta thang can cause quite a stir at after-show parties and such, while all the band Kids are loading gear , you can be getting pimped out and ready to mac the hotties before the bands even show up.  These boys actually stole all the girls from Never Broken at the last show, soley because the got slicked up and started busting their moves in advance.  Planning counts Kids.

Rae Lo in her latent goth glory

wish we could see yer moon boots...

So here we have Rae Lo, wondering why everyone thinks she's goth. Are you Kids getting this? Hmm, Black, Black, Black and red tights. The truth about Rae Lo is that her style is unmistakably goth, but as we here at sfc understand it, she's in total denial. We are setting the record straight with this pic, you're goth honey, this is your 1st impression. Don't make it your last, send us a pic so we can set the record straight again for ya!

Don't Metal kids have long hair?


Here we see the very basic, and never known to fail Hoodie-jeans combo. The beauty of this one is that since the Hood is basically a jacket of sorts, no one will know if you don't change your clothes for a while, provided you stick to a pair of relatively unassuming pants, so as not to attract undue attention. We know kids who have managed to rock the same outfit for months based on this classic combo-touring bands take note!

Apple Jack & Beth are sooo adorable...


...but if you look at their outfits, and look at the flip flops in the lower right of the photo, you can see that someone's footwear is way out of season. This cute couple are not dressed for hot weather, but someone felt the need to whip out their sandles, for a HARDCORE SHOW? Listen, something needs to happen to these people, SANDLES are for summer, wearing them past september in the frozen north of New York State makes you a hippy. Beth needs to backhand somebody, and for once it ain't AJ.

Geoff rocks the MCD tee!


It is hard to resist skull & crossbones shirts. Add a band name like THE MURDER CITY DEVILS and wow, what's not to like? A+ fashion, plus this kids band is real good too!

Hippy gets wid it


See, now this kid is rocking that "casually hip" scenester look.basic colors and a button up with long sleeves. The plugs in his ears are really the only thing that would set him apart at the mall; but Hippy is looking good and there's a lesson here: you don't have to be super hardcore or whatever all the time. It's also a handy look when there's a show right after you get done with work, assuming you don't work at someplace with a dress code that makes you wear a chicken suit or some shit. actually chicken suits can livin things up quite a bit(us older kids like to talk about livening shows up anyway). rock it out hipster!

Never Broken's big break.


And they go flipping ya off. Musta been Apple-Jack's idea, make up for the fact that we can't actually see any outfits. these guys are lucky they have that other kid in the band, the new guy with the fresh do. The nerve! At least they are rocking some ATTITUDE with those ball caps.

Lou: fuck the fade...


...here's the blur.

The hairy eyeball this way comes, Undead I Tell You!!


Yo, even if Seth IS rocking the goth, he really doesn't give a fuck what you think. This kid goes to a ton of punk shows and is often the only one there dressed like this. Embarassing you say? WAKE UP, this kid is more punk than any of the guys in New Found Glory, or even Blink-182. He doesn't give a fuck and he does his own thing and stays happy (sad, if you're goth) doing his own thing. Remember that looking like everyone else does not Punk Rock you make. yeaaarrr-gh sailor, ahoy.

Thank Your lucky Stars the 60s are over
They ain't no International Noise Conspiracy

The sixties left us with a few rad bands, but many more that had no fashion sense, even the Beatles went through the lame-ass "colorful" stage, the worst of it being demostrated here by the Tages.  It is only a matter of time before the next lame (Strokes) Fashion Band starts whipping this out on the unsuspecting , easily influenced Kids that read Spin.  Be ready to fight Kids, it is their suits or your dignity.

Nice pants there girlie!

don't cha go lookin' at sfc that way!

Hey!!! Unless your legs are bigger than your torso, you need to cut those wretched pants into pieces and make mini-skirts for your 15 favorite girls. Really kids, there is NO EXCUSE FOR RAVER PANTS. fuck those pants and fuck ravers (nothing personal).

Meghan sets ya straight.

and look at the hair ta boot

pinstripe slacks and the red/black top: we're stunned! An excellent combo, mad props to meghan! The pinstripes recall the gangsters of our grandfolks, and the top brings the whole package together with a bold, yet confident, flair(notice the layering). And to top it off you could cut yourself on those bangs...wow.

Ben relaxes in his natural habitat.


Ok, chipboard wall, Clash poster, fuzzy bathrobe w/matching slippers? This kid obviously IS punk rock. I mean, does he look pissed off? No. Does he look wasted? No. Does he look punk? Not entirely. Does he look comfy? Mad comfy. And that is what punk rock is all about: Comfort and slippers...er, wait a minute...

Rockester kids sit tight.


OK, left to right: 1st kid is doing great except for BLACK-PANTS-WHITE-SOCKS. Did you know in europe they think american guys all wear white socks? You are not helping here guy.
2nd kid is rocking the long/short sleeve layering effect to the max. one thing to watch out for when you're wearing a black longsleeve under a red sirt is that often black pants will "really tie the room together, Dude".
kids, look at the 3rd kid from the left. Now take notes.
The kid all the way on the right is rocking that hardcore raver thing, it looks like. It works for our boy Josh, but we were really hoping he would be the only one. This is a deeply personalized look, and should never be attempted with out careful considaration of what your peeps will put up with. Just a word to the wise.

The ROCK beater. Wonderful!


That's like being a superhero of rock. Especially when you're all gettin' busy, and you start disrobing: instant conversation on the state of the universe, and how that stae affects interplanetary Rock. It's like you get to eat your cake, and wear it under your clothes too. or something. More bands need beaters, that's for sure.

Ion rocks the elmers


Ok Ion, with hair like that, you NEED a flashier shirt. end of story, but you get the thumbs up, because we at superfashionchic are all about glue.

Hey kids! It's ok to get dressed up for shows. It's ok to rip it up and have fun. Just try to wear a flashier shirt with your flashy ass hair...but at least this kid has the nuts to dance his ass off at shows.

Chad lives it up.


I'm not sure what it is with loud button-up shirts. I have one or two, and amandafashionchic almost killed me when i bought that shit, but we both agreed that somehow they can work. it's just that nobody knows how or why they work. but Chad seems to be pulling that shit off. I would say some blue jeans would really set it off, but he seems to be just fine on his own.