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Fashion Reviews 3 - Threes a charm

Did you really think we were finished?

"Squirrel, what were you thinking?"
is this guy makin fun of Indian people???

this guy is sporting the oh so lovely blue fleece vest. though it seems to have some patches and buttons on it. patches say a lot and we can only bet that these patches are, in fact, lame. no doubt that one is probably Weezer and/or possibly a slew of bad ska, nu-emo, and the 'right hip' band of the week. Regardless kids, don't be scared off and throw patches onto all of your daily attire (not just your backpack)

send a smoocher this way please

whoa, with a bat of the eye she got me. well done hair, well placed tattoos, well shaped eyebrows and pursed lips. obviously someone has been reading superfashionchic. good job whomever you may be, go forth and spread the good word.

"Jesus CHRIST, just get over yourself!"
what the HELL is he looking at?

THERE'S a look i never see at shows. i wish i had thought of the retro 70s track jacket, kinda says your sporty yet in that "i don't really workout" kinda way. the real problem is that that coat is made out of polyester. polyester is A: made of synthetics (read as: oil- which should give off some warning signs) and B: not breathable. if your coat's not breathable are you going to dance? [dance not just mosh]. NO, you're probably going to sit against the wall with your arms crossed or writing in your diary. LAME! i've said too much already BUT ... nice hair skeazeball. the shag IS the new mullet.

"It is I.... Captain Tries-to-HARD!"
deodorant bro... deodorant

oh god, i can smell poser from here. can we ALL see this duder is trying to hard? mesh cap- backwards and to the side? dyed black hair - why god, why? neo trad tattoos - hellllllooo laser surgery in 6 years. why  no shirt - ain't got too much to sport. i blame the ladies. honestly. all you gals want... well,  this and don't realize the travesty to humanity you're causing. i mean i swear i have seen vegans and Ethipoians with more meat on their bones than this fella. and what's wrong with a little meat huh? we here at superfashionchic are by no means supporting fatness, but damn.... it just pangs me to look at him.

"Did anyone tell you I like Vans"
there's an unfortunate face

product placement OR paying someone else to advertise for them. i have real problems with this, especially after working retail. the argument that arises is: aren't band tees the same thing? the answer: no. see a band rocks your ass, they make you dance, they make you want to get drunk, they may even get ya randy. a corporation is a soulless entity. they have 'marketing dollars', they 'market test' to see what will sell, they 'tone down' an image to be just this side of edgy. so if you are wearing a shirt like that, even a skate company shirt, you are either supporting terrorism or pop-punk, and no one wants either.

"Watch out.. there's an alien on your head!"
eric is seriously taller than elGooso666

here's a man that seems to be enjoying himself at an open mic at the Monopole in Plattsburg. that black tee and with a wood finish guitar makes you look artsy; the definitive way to get hippy tail and not be a hippy. not a bad move at that. though instead of strumming Phish jam outs, play your favorite Dillinger Four tune acousticly, you will seem way more intelligent than her friends. they will be so awe inspired that they will totally ignore the hat. just stay away from Bright Eyes and don't be tricked into thinking 'granola-punk' is cool.

"Thanks a lot Depeche Mode, thanks a lot"
New Wave is like...really cool...i like Morrissey

this young lad obviously spends lots of time by himself, in his room, with poor lighting and an inability to get a decent haircut. wow, talk about tragic. i think its safe to assume he likes new wave,  too bad most new wave was really bad AND out of reaction against it we got hardcore punk. do people even LISTEN to Black Flag and DK anymore? points for the plain black tee shirt though.

"Boner? You broght her you bone her!

we here at sfc definately have a soft spot for DIY tee shirts. it shows you went the extra mile when determining your fashion sense. it shows that Old Navy and A&F are not going to take your style while punkchic is hot. it shows that you apparently have a boner, and who doesn't love that?

"Indeed, what IS up?"
who IS this masked man?

ain't that cute, those kiddos in Syracuse are finally picking up Nordic styling. as we all know this is a pure vintage Potsdam hardcore look. though this one gentleman is far too crass and easily seperated from TRUE 315 kids. people ask "why the bandito styling?". a good question with a couple answers really. one aspect is that its cold as witch's tit on the barren northern tundra and a back pocket bandana turns into a waaaaay tougher scarf and keeps your nose ring from turning your nose into an icicle. another wonderful thing is that this provides cover for low impact terrorism. this is stuff like pouring gasoline onto a fraternity house's lawn OR spraypainting well thought out and meaningful graffiti onto walls OR just running from police.

"A scarf inside. All signs point to no..."
open wider baby

BRRRRR. is it cold in here or just me? well seeing as how i am inside and the thermostat is reading 72 degrees perhaps it is you. sorry darling but a scarf inside is pretty much a cry for help, and thank god we are here to catch you. monochromatic color schemes are social suicide and if thats what you galavant around town in, you DO need attention. contrast is great when arranging outfits. it creates excitement. it catches the eye. it makes you not look like a slob. monochromatic should be left to only black, and even then it can botch. there are few worse things that really black pants and a faded black tee. think about it...

"When Pictures Fade - doin the white collar rock"
i moshed to these guys in a strobe light once

here's a perilous peril: the white long sleeve collared shirt. these things stain easily, show pit stains, need to be hung up and quite frankly aren't black. yet this dashing young man is pulling it off with aplomb whilst in jeans AND rocking out no less. well played...... well played indeed. just remember kids, because he can do it well, by no means gives you clearance to try such wild tastes.

"Krak and Krew doin what they do best"
nicest guys EVER

well kids, here's a lesson in old school: shaved head, black band tee with skulls, and a passion for music. THAT is style. on top of that add a bassist in a well-worn misfits tee and you're roses. while on this issue: well worn band tees are very important. it shows you have been devoted to whatever band for a long ass time and probably long before your friends found out about them. the only aspect to be weary of is a faded black band tee with pants that are blacker, as mentioned in an afore stated review. our only advice is to let your attitude determine if you can pull this off or not [hint: if you are worried too much about it, you don't have the gumption needed].

Usually we aren't this mean, but the fields were ripe with bad taste...