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Even MORE Fashion Reviews, for the Kids

You send Pics, we review them, same as always...

Aileen makes "the cute face"

white bandana?  huh?

Nose Ring-Check.  Plugs-Check.  Bandana-ummmmmm.  It's white.  it's really white.  It don't make NO kinda sense and there ain't hardly no place for that.  some points for the germanic typeface on the T-shirt.  Cute Face though.  For the record kids, bandana's are Black, Navy Blue and in some places, Red.  White bandana's come in a 2 pack with a black one at Wal-Mart.  Don't shop there unless you are buying stuff for your band cheap, and you are attempting to use your band to subvert "the system", and actually NOT grabass a bunch of scenester college kids.  Wal-Mart can count as the system and everyone you know can count as a scenester college kid.  How may i help you?

Kim's Halloween Costume

make your own costume and wear it everyday

So Miss Kimberly sent in this pic of her HOMEMADE halloween costume.  Home-fucking-made.  Damn, I seriously have never seen a better Simpsons costume, ever.  This girl is way smarter than YOU.


the reason semifashionEJ cut off his metal hair

When they aren't flaying the flesh from their neighbor's cats, playing D&D or singing about "the Wizard",  the gents from Vermont's Gorehammer prowl the streets in search of exactly the "right" gauntlets.  Gauntlets are o so metal, but finding the right pair can take awhile.  Remember that sometimes it's best to hold out until you find gauntlets that suit your individual needs.  Snaps or lace up? Spikes? Studs? Both?  Don't rush your metal look, this is where you get cred in the metal scene, and it is NOT to be taken lightly.  BLLEAEEEEEAAGGHRRRRRRRRR-chacha.

Roach and Kepi


Kids, meet the coolest married couple in a band together.  The Groovie Ghoulies are one of the best west coast punk bands, and they have never put out a record on Fat Wreck.  If you like the Ramones, you already like this band.  Here we have Roach sporting a classic Motorhead shirt the sort i saw about 50 of at monsterfest this year.  This is an older pic, so just stay calm.  Kepi is rocking a sweet 3/4 sleeve shirt in a great red/black color combo, why don't i ever see those?  Take a good look Kids, this is the SHIT!

Mandy's Fav Tie


Mandy is sporting a nice shirt and has complimented both herself and her record collection with her tie.   If anyone knows what that sorta tie is called, let us know, because we do have a fashion website.  Nonetheless, excellent use of contrast and nice hair as well.  nofashionLou wants you to email him, but if you scroll down and to the right, Mandy, you will see that nofashionLou is a bit of a card.  A nice young lady such as yourself doesn't spend her time looking good for guys like nofashionLou.  Trust us.  He's crazy like the Wolf.

Who's a big baby?


Baby Ella is the result of a brief love affair between the drummer from Turbonegro and the mom of the drummer of a popular band from Ogdensburg,NY.  As you can see, Ella is making a splash in her Osh Kosh (B'gosh) and her cute little bandana.  Inside sources have indicated that after an initial period of being alive, she, like all babies, became able to see further than 10 inches away from herself, so the folks waving goodbye and talking like retards slowly came into focus.  How is it that a baby dresses better than half of the Kids in Ithaca, NY?  She probably would rock out more at Rainer Maria shows too....

Geoff avoids "The Shag"

i drunkenly dyed this Kid's hair black, once...

So Geoff lives in Boston, and here's a good story:  in a photo shoot for his band, Army of Jasons, Geoff had a bit of swelling in his erectile tissue. It happens, right?  The local paper didn't notice/care and ran the pic regardless, and apparently  his hot hairdresser noticed, and called him on it, while he was getting a trim.  superfashionchic doubts highly that this phased Geoff in the slightest-after all, he used to play drums for Chode.

Dr. Parsons buttons it up

6 string basses are NOT pop-punk

The funny thing about Dr. Parsons, is that NOT only is he wearing an Old Navy hat, but he's wearing it with a six string bass:  Bro, as much fun as those extra strings are, Dee Dee (fucking) Ramone didn't need no 2 extra strings, and while we've never heard your band "Likely Story", we are forced to wonder how what we assume is catchy punkish music requires the about 14 extra notes you have on that thing?  Are you getting too lazy to move your left hand AT ALL when you play?
It's sometimes tricky to know what to wear under button-ups, we recommend the traditional "beater" or nothing.  Only one as cerebral as Dr. Parsons should ever rock a black T under one of those.  He only can because he would either out-smart you or just plain kick your ass. 


this just isn't ladylike

So this pic was sent in only as "Mike's Lady".  We assume she has a name and isn't solely just "Mike's Lady".  The funny thing here is the eye make-up: it sorta looks like "pointy outside corner" Goth eyeliner to me.  The "pointy outside corner" eye makeup works in some situations, but realistically it's hard to rock it when you are wearing a light colored T-shirt.  And she though just because she was grabbing herself we wouldn't notice...

Jeremy's pleasure center

remember that Wasted Years song? i  liked it

Man, even if you aren't down with Maiden, you gotta respect that piece right there, fella.  Jeremy, you gotta start making people KISS THE BUCKLE!  Just trust us.

Ryan is HOT!

results are in

The whole hardcore scene took a vote and decided that after hearing the new Flaming Lips LP, everyone was gonna go home and quietly have a beer, and drool into their collective laps-also, it was decided that Ryan Endicott is the hottest living guitarist.  Notice the well fitting red tee and excellent jeans.  Word on the street is that Ryan gets some flack for looking so damn good, so be careful when approaching this hunk, he's a monster.  Also, never look directly into his hair when you talk to him-he hates that.

nofashionLou makes an ass of himself

Oh bother.....

This one has us stumped.  Equally confused and excited-this is the bro that wrote the "how to be a scenester" guide.  Hmmm, this one time Lou terrorized a dorm in our friend Agent's chicken suit.  We hear this is what Lou wears while he's talking to MOC chickies about the Smiths.  Nice chuck's.

....send pics....more pics....