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application to date nofashionLou. WE ARE SERIOUS!

Holy Hessian Warrior Lou!

NO LADIES, we aren't kidding.  nofashionLou is far from desperate, he actually has girlies after him more than he actually notices.  nonetheless, this is your chance to WIN AND WIN BIG!!!!!!!!!!

Application to Date NoFashionLou


With the abundance of ladies vying for NofashionLou's attention we here at Institution of Superfashionchic are attempting to work through this situation with a quick and easy survey (and hopefully wade through the bullshit that surrounds MOC profiles). Please keep in mind that NoFashionLou has an equal opportunity attitude towards all applications, so long as the application doesn't belong to a man. Also there is no drug testing to be had, as that we here at the Institution of Superfashionchic feel that what you do in your own time is your own business.



Please answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge and truthfully:

Name: __________________________


            Fat chick?

                        _____ Yes            _____No       [If Yes stop here]

            Height: _____


            Age:            _____


            Straight Edge?

                        _____Yes            _____No


            Type of Relationship sought: [check all applicable]

            _____ Full Time            ______Part Time            _____A good friend             _____Drunken Hook-up            ______Booty Call



                        _____ Yes      _____ No

                        If yes, please describe all locations and gauges:




                        _____Yes            _____No

If yes, please describe all locations, styles, and what of:



Style of Clothing? [Check all applicable]

                        ____ Emo            ____Metal            _____Hardcore            _____Rave            ____Indie Rock            ____Punk            _____Goth            ____Rawkabilly            ____Hippy/Jam            ____Preppy            _____Urban            ____Country            ____Others:_________________________________


            Preference of Music: [Check all applicable]

                        ____ Emo            ____Metal            _____Hardcore            _____Rave            ____Indie Rock            ____Punk            _____Goth            ____Rawkabilly            ____Hippy/Jam            ____Preppy            _____Urban            ____Country            ____Others:_________________________________


            Favorite bands [please limit to under 13]:


Multiple Choice Section there are no wrong answers

[Please check only one]


Admiral Ackbar:

_____Yes            _____No


The Smiths:

_____Yes            _____No


Babysitting for ElGoooso666's kids:

_____Yes            _____No


Mike Tarruto

_____Yes            _____No



_____Yes            _____No



_____Yes            _____No


Give my regards to Broadway:
            _____Yes            _____No


Doc Martens:

_____Yes            _____No



'Lil Fukkin Bro: [hint there is only one right answer here]

_____Yes            _____No







[Check all applicable]

When barbecuing you prefer:

            _____To cook

            _____To be cooked for

            _____Eh, whatever

            _____ I don't like barbecues

            _____Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

            _____White Wolf

            _____Catholic School Girls

            _____Magic the Gathering





            When you go to a show you are most interested in:

            _____ Looking good

            _____Hearing bands


            _____Scene points. Scene points. Scene points.

            _____Being your boyfriends coat hanger

            _____Meeting the band

            _____Show? Any reason to get drunk is fine with me.



            _____Check out my OnlyUndies profile



            _____Boy cut

            _____Boycott them

            _____Mix and match



            _____Yeah, fine whatever

            _____We can't let the terrorists win

            _____The only Bush I trust is my own

            _____Anarchy in the UK!

            _____Communism works in THEORY!

            _____Why can't those poor people just get a job and off my street.


            Theme Parks:

            _____Water slides

            _____Roller coasters

            _____Whatever will make me vomit

            _____Novelty photographs

            _____Merry Go Round

            _____Tunnel of Love

            _____Cotton Candy

            _____Petting Zoo


            Bruce Springsteen

            _____Fuck that guy

            _____I like his old stuff


            _____I only know Born in the USA

            _____BRUUUUUUUCE!!! It's the fucking BOSS!


Thank you for filling out thus far. Keeping in mind that nofashionLou prefers a more personal touch, we ask that you take a few more minutes and fill out the essay portion. We here at the Institution of Superfashionchic are committed to having the best candidates possible for nofashionLou, and please note that nofashionLou does have a busy schedule and that semifashionEJ, elgooso666 and superfashionclaude will first review all applications. Also remember these are only opinions, that there are no wrong answers and that sexy is always better.


Short Essay Portion

            Please give us a description of what you would consider a perfect date:


Why do you think superfashionchic rocks your socks?


Long Essay Portion

            Please give us your thoughts on being a team player, the importance of bros and what you feel you can bring to the superfashionTeam. And finally, how do all these correlate with why you want to be with nofashionLou?



Thank you for completing the superfashionchic application to date nofashionLou.

Please copy and paste these questions into an email with a picture of yourself and send to superfashionchic@hotmail.com [Hook It Up section in the Navigational Bar] subject: nofashionLou application. We cannot stress the importance of the pictures.


Again, please cut and paste into an email and mail to superfashionchic@hotmail.com  in the event that you don't know how to do this, ask a grownup.