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Hip Sites

Charles pities tha fools

Alrighty there Kids. Now that you've read every word on superfashionchic, you are ready to go forth and look good. Here are some Hip Sites that you can check out while you wait for us to update this piece. All are quality assured, we assure you (ha)!

4 Ladies in a GREAT band, the next big thang

The Ladies of Bagels and Narcolepsy are the future of rock, let us say it now: SCREW THE STROKES GO B and N!!!!!!!!!

this is not a band, this is a plea

superfashionchic would like to urge any of you Kids that are having problems and hurting yourselves because of it to PLEASE TALK TO SOMEONE. It doesn't mean you are crazy or trying to get attention, this practice breaks our hearts and can ruin lives, if not dealt with. get through it.

Pop-tastic boston Kids

Boston's Finest Pop band-Geoff, Sloan and Brett want very much to rock ya in da butt!

NNY Metal

There are some Rad Kids in this band, but they haven't played a show yet, so i dunno if this link is noteworthy, but they have a link to our site...


Not trying to get preachy here Kids, just trying to help out the new Kids. This is only one site out of very many. We definately aren't crazy PC weirdos, but we sure aren't going to let you Kids go on living a lie, now are we? Hit a search engine and see what you find.

some of our fav ROCK

Layton Avenue are a band, currently out of Plattsburgh, NY. They lay down some serious rock, with a screamo edge that will leave you saying "damn, it's about time somebody remembered how to ROCK". Listen to Layton Avenue while you get dressed to go to the next show, and see what we mean.


Bored? Lonely? This is a fun site where you can search users to find some folks that are into your favorite bands or in your area. Either way you'll have a good time looking for hotties that listen to Guided by Voices or Slayer. Plus, be sure to check out what these kids are wearing, you know something they don't.


Buddyhead.com. This site needs no introduction. You've probably heard about it from somebody. Visit them, check out the articles and features (everyone loves the gossip)-they're "for the children". They are keeping long hair alive.

Here's GHMike's site: Squatter, check it out!


...and here's one if you wanna link to our site. please drop us a line so we can check YOU out.