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Kids and Rockers

Hot kids and Indie rockers

Personally, we at superfashionchic aren't about autographs, but pics are by far the prefered method of remembering your idols. Actually superfashionclaude just bought an autographed S.O.D. hoodie, so maybe we shouldn't talk. We are waiting to get the pics of J. Hotpins and Liz Phair, but we aren't holding our breath, because they don't exist...

Molly and some Rockers
You will notice that Molly has teh best hair here

So here we have Molly with Chuck from Hot Water Music and Matt from the Alkaline Trio.  We can see who Molly is happier with can't we kids?  Who could blame her, I mean, have ya heard the new split or what?

Chuck and Eric

yeah. Chuck doesn't look like juiced up

Chuck sorta looks a bit beat in this one, he must have been rocking out extra hard when this pic was taken, but Eric is still there to represent, although he doesn't look like he was representing too hard IN DA PIT, now does it kids? 


Chuck really has made the rounds here, he really is pumped here.  We are quite sure that it's Ben's hair that has so pleased him.  You see, we at superfashionchic know that rockers love it when their clothes match their audiences hair.  case in point: trendy dyed black hair and metal.

Leah and Geoff

It took half of piebald (that one guy really tried but he was too skinny) and like all of thursday to pry Leah off Geoff.  She got a little excited.