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Black Llama!!!!

sweet baby god! save the scene! well...then again

A Very Terrifying Account


So last Saturday I drove over to Plattsburg to go to a Layton Avenue show and hang out with some good friends. As I was driving through the country I drove past a simple pasture and beheld the most evil and frightening sight I have every had the misfortune to lay my eyes upon. On the right side of Route 11b, there in a field of sheep (really) was the most singularly terrifying beast in all the realms of creationone hideous monstrosity of the animal world: a black llama. I am aware that this just sounds silly and totally unrelated to fashion, but trust me, this scared the hell outta me.
All of the sheep acted like this THING was perfectly normal, as it raced furiously around the flock; its evil seeming to glow with the unnatural fire of a being from beyond the reaches of mans knowledge. All I could do was scream. The imagery was too much for me to handle, the defenseless and easily led sheep, alone and fenced in with their dark Sheppard, I mean, come on, we all know how easily sheep are misled.
Seriously kids think about it. The Goat seems pretty evil, right? Well, The Llama towers over the goat, it may not have horns but its huge, black and really freakin scary. So obviously there is like some secret society of Llama keepers (whos keeping who?) who are up to some DOWNRIGHT EVIL THINGS-no doubt. More details later, if any of you kids know anything about this, its time to fess up, do it on the guestbook. Do it for all our sakes.


If any of you kids know anything about this sign the damn guestbook and let the rest of us know, we have to stick together!